Q. Can your Galway lie detector test examiner, test a prison officer?

My daughter has been in prison for drug offences for a year or so. She only has a short time left to serve but I’m worried she’s going to get into further trouble. I’ve been to see her every week since she’s been inside and her physical condition and state of mind indicate she’s taking some sort of drug. I’ve asked her where she is getting the drugs from and she said she’s getting them from a prison guard.

My daughter has always been open and honest with me regarding her life choices and although I knew she was dealing drugs, I didn’t know to what extent until she was arrested. She’d told me she’s dabbled with them herself at parties before but I think this looks far more serious. She’s lost a lot of weight and was completely incoherent last time I went to visit. I’m worried its heroin or something similar. She should be safe in prison and shouldn’t be able to source any drugs. Do you think I could get the prison officer to admit her role in this horrible situation? She shouldn’t be in a position to look after vulnerable women if that’s what she’s doing on the side.

T. S., Galway

Response from Galway Lie Detector Test Examiner

Although we have conducted polygraph tests in prisons in the UK, it can sometimes be difficult for us to obtain permission to do so in Ireland.  It’s also not likely that the prison officer concerned would volunteer to see a Galway Lie Detector Test Examiner.

You are right to be concerned about your daughter’s wellbeing – prison is supposed to be a place of reform.  If there is a prison officer trafficking drugs it needs to be exposed. However, attempting to expose it whilst your daughter is in prison may cause her further problems.

I suggest you wait until she is released. She can take a test to prove she is telling the truth.  You can then use our report to present to the Prison Governor along with the complaint you want to make.

Contact us again when your daughter comes out of prison.  In the interim, if you would like more information or just to discuss the issue as a Galway lie detector test examiner, I am happy to give you more advice.

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