Suspecting your partner of cheating is horrible but worse when you are far away from home.  Our client gave up her job and ordered an Infidelity lie detector test in Belfast for her boyfriend to get to the truth.

Sharon’s Case

Sharon had finally got the job of her dreams. She’d secured an entertainment position as a singer on a cruise ship. She realised this wasn’t making it big but still she loved to sing and hoped the opportunity would take her somewhere. Her relationship with Jimmy had passed the 5 year mark and he’d applied for a job on the same ship. Unfortunately he hadn’t been successful. Sharon was disappointed and wondered if she could take the job in the circumstances.

Ships that pass in the night

Jimmy told her to go for it. The contract was only for 6 months and their relationship was strong enough to cope with the distance. He’d promised to remain faithful and so Sharon went ahead and took the job.

They spoke on the phone every night for the first few weeks but after a while, the calls got shorter and not so regular. Sharon felt uncomfortable. The little time she had to herself was usually spent talking to Jimmy and without that she felt very alone. Why would he stop calling and why did he cut their conversations short? She wondered if he’d found someone else and asked him outright.  He was upset that she had even suggested it and assured her he hadn’t and that he was still in love with her. She had 2 months left and he couldn’t wait to see her. Jimmy said he’d got a job as a night porter at a local hotel and that was why they were struggling to speak on a regular basis.

Infidelity lie detector test in Belfast

With so much distance between them, Sharon couldn’t get the thought of him cheating out of her mind. She contacted us to enquire about an Infidelity lie detector test in Belfast. She knew Jimmy always had Tuesdays off so she booked one for then.  When she spoke to Jimmy, she told him to take the test or the relationship was over, and that he would need to move out of their flat immediately. Sharon quit her job and organised to fly home. She couldn’t work under this stress and the job hadn’t been all it was cracked up to be anyway. She hadn’t told Jimmy and thought it would be a surprise for him to see her.

Polygraph examination results

Sharon waited in a coffee shop opposite our office in Belfast. She saw Jimmy turn up in a car with another woman in it and at that moment knew he was going to fail the polygraph test. She wanted concrete proof so she could throw him out. Her mobile pinged with an email a few hours later and she decided to make her way home. Jimmy, of course, had failed the test miserably but the worst was still about to come.

Returning home she found women’s clothes and makeup in the flat they shared together. Jimmy had only moved another woman into their home and Sharon had been paying the rent for the privilege. Without hesitation, Sharon gathered all of their belongings and threw them out into the street. She printed off the email with the results of the Infidelity lie detector test in Belfast and placed it on the top of their belongings. Calling a locksmith to change her locks she watched as the car pulled up and they gathered up their things. Sharon blocked Jimmy’s number and is now moving on with her life.

Infidelity lie detector tests

Suspicion that your partner is cheating interferes with every aspect of your life.  It erodes your confidence, can cause anxiety attacks and often leads to arguments.  No matter how much the truth may hurt, knowing it allows you to move on.  If you are ready to change your life for the better, contact us on our free helpline – 85 176 3360 

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