Sometimes mothers have a sixth sense when their children are being cheated on.  Our client’s mother booked an infidelity lie detector test in Galway for the culprits.

Erin’s case

Erin and Nessa had been friends for years, from the age of 5 to be exact. Normally inseparable, at 20 they started to have their own interests but one thing they did still have in common was their taste in men. They’d go out to the local pub or club and inevitably end up trying to chat up the same guy. They’d laugh about it afterwards but it meant it was difficult for either to find a boyfriend.

Erin called Nessa one day and told her that a guy, Liam, had come into the coffee shop she worked for and asked her out. Not wanting Nessa to meet him until she was sure he was a decent bloke, she went on the date to check him out. Erin and Liam had an amazing time, finding lots in common and they had the same sense of humour. Soon after a few dates it was official.  Once this was agreed Erin had tried to arrange for Nessa and Liam to meet. But every time she suggested a date and time they were both busy.

Mother knows best

Erin spoke to her mother, Sian, about the fact that when she wasn’t seeing Liam as much as she used to, she also wasn’t seeing Nessa. They both seemed to disappear at the same time. Erin’s mother was suspicious of this and called us to book an infidelity lie detector test in Galway. She paid for it using our secure online booking system and received a discount for booking two tests together. Either Liam or Nessa was lying and Erin’s mother had to know what, if anything was going on.

Sian contact both Nessa and Liam, explaining the details of the appointment and instructing them when they should be there. Both agreed to the infidelity lie detector test in Galway as Sian wasn’t someone to be messed with. Nessa’s mother had been friends with her for years and Nessa knew she needed to do what she was told or face the consequences.

Best friend betrayal

The results of the test revealed that Nessa was seeing Liam behind Erin’s back. Whenever Erin wasn’t seeing Liam he was seeing Nessa. The worst thing about the polygraph test was the last question. Were they both aware of Erin’s relationship with Liam? Erin was under the impression they’d never met so maybe Nessa didn’t know Liam was her boyfriend?  The answer, of course, was “yes”.  Not only had Erin been betrayed by her boyfriend, she’d also been betrayed by her friend of 15 years.

Erin has moved on and Nessa’s attempts to reconcile have been futile. With friends like those, who need enemies? The infidelity lie detector test in Galway exposed Liam and Nessa for the liars and cheats they truly were. Erin is grateful she found out sooner rather than later.

She received a text from Liam telling her he had agreed to take the test because it was the only way he could think of to tell her. He was sorry for his weakness but “such was life”.

Infidelity lie detector test in Galway

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