Lie detector tests in Ireland have peaked for us since some new research was published last year. Stats were provided by the popular website, Victoria Milan, where those looking for an extramarital affair can find like-minded people.

With 70,000 subscribers in Ireland, the dating site has almost 6 million members globally. And it would appear in Ireland, wives are more likely to embark on an affair quicker than many of their international counterparts.

Irish women start cheating faster

The average cheating age of women from the Emerald Isle is just over 35 and they start affairs 3.6 years after their weddings. According to research the average age at which Irish women marry is 31.6 years. The most common reason given for straying was lack of sexual satisfaction, with some wives feeling neglected by their husbands. Others attributed infidelity to the modern focus of being happy and personally satisfied.

In Sweden, which came in second for the fastest cheating time after marriage, women wait to just over 4 years, whereas in Britain it is 4.4.

The study is intriguing when you consider how much time some wives will invest in their marriage before moving onto new pastures. The CEO of Victoria Milan suggests that the results reveal that married Irish women’s desire for new passion is greater than we might expect.

Historically Scandinavian countries and France have had a much broader view of romantic and sexual liaisons. It’s therefore quite interesting that women in Ireland begin affairs more rapidly than women in those countries. You can read the full report by clicking on Victoria Milan

Independence and equality for women

Naturally as society has evolved, women have become more independent and equal. Gone are the days when an affair would have drawn the disapproval of the community. Less thought is now given to what other people might think.

Today ‘open marriages’ are acceptable to more people. For others an affair can destroy the partnership altogether. The open marriage approach works on the basis that two people love each other but recognise their need for exciting sexual encounters. It is said that this reignites passion in the married couple. However, it also plays with fire because what happens if a passionate affair leads to love?

Irrespective of infidelity statistics produced by the report, divorce rates in Ireland are low in comparison to many other European countries. At 0.6 percent, Ireland trails far behind the UK at 1.9 percent and massively behind the USA at 3.2 percent.

However in the Polygraph Industry we see the devastation that infidelity causes. When marriages split up, particularly those involving children, they can be acrimonious and damaging.

Some people are able to turn a blind eye to infidelity provided everything at home runs smoothly. Others are likely to dwell on it, with suspicion monopolising their every waking hour.

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