Dating sites for married people, looking for affairs, cause trouble in more ways than one.  Our client booked a Leinster lie detector test for infidelity when is wife accused him of belonging to Illicit Encounters.

Dermot’s Case

Dermot had been happily married to Marie for 21 years, that is until she read a Daily Mirror article about people who had signed up for Illicit Encounters in Leinster where they live. Apparently they have 38,499 members from Leinster.

From the day Marie read the article she made Dermot’s life a misery.  She called him several times a day asking where he was.  She wanted to look through his phone at every available opportunity. One day she even followed him to work and back.

Dermot wanted to know what had caused such a dramatic change in her behaviour.  She’d trusted him for the entire 21 years of their marriage, why didn’t she now?  Marie showed him the article and he told her not to be so daft.  When would he have time to be seeing another woman? He spent most of his life at work or at home.  Occasionally he might go out for a pint with the lads on a Friday night but rarely.


Marie chatted to her aunt who was a bit of gossip and somewhat old fashioned.  She told Marie that if Dermot wasn’t getting steak at home, he’d look for it elsewhere. Outraged Marie responded that there was nothing wrong with their sex life and never had been.  The aunt who loved to stir told her that variety was the spice of life to men.  And of course Dermot would tell her not to be daft, what else would he say?

A week went by with Marie checking everything Dermot said and did.  If he was going out to the shop or socially Marie insisted on being with him.  It was stifling and it ruined Christmas.

No matter what he said, Marie was convinced he was one of those 38,499 Illicit Encounters members.

Leinster lie detector test for infidelity

The accusations of cheating carried on for 6 weeks before Dermot could take no more.  He ordered out Leinster lie detector test for infidelity online and asked for an urgent appointment.  Our polygraph examiner conducted the test the next day.

In rebellious and affronted mood Dermot booked himself into a hotel to wait for the full report on his results.  He didn’t tell Marie where he was going or that he was staying out all night.

Returning home

Dermot had his report within 24 hours.  When he got home all hell let loose. Marie had phoned everyone he knew because he hadn’t come home the previous night.  She phoned his workplace in the morning and when she found out he wasn’t coming in, she called the police. They, she said, weren’t much help because Dermot hadn’t been missing long enough to file a missing person report.

Dermot gave her the report with his lie detector test results proving that he wasn’t a member of Illicit Encounters; he hadn’t had any kind of illicit relationship with anyone else. Nor had he kissed, had sexual contact or sexual intercourse with anyone else since he had been married to Marie.

Marie was both relieved and ashamed.  She couldn’t apologise enough.  Dermot accepted her apology but said if she ever behaved like that again, he would book a Leinster lie detector test for infidelity for her.  “How could you think I would cheat on you” she said.  Dermot responded “That’s what I told you and you refused to believe me”.

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