In modern world, people often go through trust issues. Though there are many ways to find truth (stalking, investigation and deep inspection) we may only get few evidences about it. However, even from these tactics, we get the truth on which we cannot completely rely up on. There are many ways to alter it as by modifying evidences, influencing witnesses and many more. The only way that can reveal the truth is if the criminal himself accepts it, which, anyways, is not possible.


What is a lie detector?

A lie detector, commonly known as polygraph is machine that measures several physiological changes and alternations in human body that takes place during answering a question. It is proved scientifically that whenever a person tells a lie, many physiological variations takes place in his body. By recording theses variations and analyzing them this machine one can determine whether the person is speaking the truth or lying.

Principle on which Lie Detector machines work on:

When it comes to speaking the truth, we all know how confident we are. We never take time for the answer that’s obvious and is true. On the other hand, while telling a lie, we often fumble and think for some seconds about what to speak and what consequences we may face in future due to this. Due to the battle that goes in our mind before telling a lie, there are many corporeal changes in our pulse rate, respiration pattern, skin conductivity and blood pressure. Sensors are attached to various body parts of the suspects to monitor and report the value of heart rate, blood pressure, sweat and other indices. Once the values are obtained, the examiner evaluates them to obtain the final result. The machine records the indices given above and observes for any abnormal behavior. It differentiates the normal behavior of the body with the behavior while answering questions and tells if the person is lying or not?

Uses of Lie Detector

Knowing the truth never requires any reason. Everybody has right to know truth. Not every time one requires a lie detector test, but there are places where lies aren’t acceptable, such as in a relationship. A single lie can destroy years of relationship in a second. And it is way better to know the truth and end the relationship right there instead of dragging the same to a point from where it’s impossible to step back. Some more places where such tests are necessary to build a strong future foundation are

1. Test for hiring candidates in company: Fake degrees, false experiences and nepotism are the words that are common nowadays. Thus it’s necessary to know whether the candidate applying for a post in your company truly satisfies your requirements or not. The best way to know the person and his efficiency is to conduct a lie detector test before hiring him in your company.
2. Criminal investigation: In order to get the truth out of a suspect, one can use lie detector machine. The suspect may lie, evidences may indicate otherwise, but a lie detector machine is correct 90 % of time.
3. Domestic issues: There are many cases in which your partner may lie to you. It’s better to get out of the fake relationship than to suffer your whole life. A lie detector machine helps you to determine your partner’s loyalty.
4. Theft and fraud cases: A lie detector is widely used for theft and fraud cases as well. Suspects are tested to determine whether they are speaking the truth or lying.

There are many more situations where a lie detecting test becomes necessary. It either proves your loyalty or declares you guilty. A lie detection test should always be done by professionals and verified examiners as the accuracy of the test results highly depends upon their skills, experience and knowledge.
Earlier the only way that the police used to get the truth out from the suspect was by torturing him. This is an unethical method as you may end up torturing one who is completely innocent and had no relation with the crime. Due to the poor reception of this method, it was necessary to invent something that extracts the truth out from the subject without hurting him. A lie detector does not harm anyone and is completely safe for the subject in case he isn’t found guilty.

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