It was the end, he felt it. There was a part of him that didn’t want to believe it. That was why he needed the Lie Detector Test Athlone Service. Whatever the truth was about his relationship with Lisa, Jack needed it in black and white.

Jack’s case

It would have been eleven years next month that they had been together. Eleven years if they made it that far. Eleven years and here he was talking to the Lie Detector Test Athlone polygraph examiner. It was hard to believe.

It was Perry, his oldest friend who had told him. He understood why. Deep down inside he was glad Perry had come to him. It was not what he wanted. It was not the direction that he had envisaged at this stage in his life, but it was all out of his hands. He’d had his suspicions that she was seeing someone else but how very embarrassing that a friend had to tell him.

Lisa hadn’t been able to hide the shock on her face when he had confronted her. Her face alone had told him so much. The elaborate explanations were even worse. He didn’t believe her, but he had to admit he wanted to.

His sister first mentioned the polygraph service in Athlone, specialists in relationship problems. At least that would give him some sort of way forward. He had been at his sister’s for almost four days now and he needed to make some decisions.

Booking with the Lie Detector Test Athlone Service

Booking the test was easy and Jack was so grateful that he would not have to step foot into the polygraph test centre himself. His sense of shame and inadequacy had seen him holed up at his sister’s for the last few days. The last thing he wanted to do was to turn up himself.

He had made it clear to Lisa that this was the only way forward. She didn’t have time to think too much about it, the examination was booked for two days time.

His involvement in creating the questions had been both emotional and cathartic. Jack made sure that he included all the things that had been playing on his mind for the past few days, the questions he did not, could not ask Lisa in person, the ones that hurt too much.

The examiner was an expert in administering relationship lie detector tests. Jack was glad about that. He had a growing feeling that Lisa was an accomplished liar.

Results and decision

A feeling that was confirmed when he received all of the data from the test. It arrived one day after Lisa’s polygraph test. Results, answers and the truth that could not be denied, were all there. Confirmation of what he didn’t really want to admit. This relationship was over. It was time to move on.

Jack did move on. He took up an offer to head up a new section in another city. He knew that staying where he was would be too painful. The move was the fresh start that Jack needed. Today he is in a new relationship, in a different city, with a baby on the way.

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