It had been devastating to hear, but then the most difficult decision was what to do with the news that she was being cheated on. Holly booked the infidelity lie detector test in Athlone because she could not bear the uncertainty. She needed to know the truth one way or another.

Holly’s story

Holly was stunned when her two friends told her that Steve was cheating on her. After seven years together, something inside of Holly still wanted to give Steve the chance to explain. She needed the infidelity polygraph test because she didn’t trust herself to think clearly when it came to Steve anymore.

Holly wasn’t ashamed to admit it. Throwing away a seven year relationship wasn’t easy, especially at an age where everyone had their own partner or families now.

It had been hard to even say the words – but she did. Steve had denied everything. Feeling completely confused she decided not to make any rash decisions. However, Holly had begun to look at some of Steve’s behaviour and responses in a different way.

Booking the polygraph test

After a week, she’d had enough of constantly analysing everything that Steve said and did, so she booked the lie detector test in Athlone. Holly didn’t have a way to tell whether Steve was lying, but a polygraph test could.

Booking the polygraph test was really easy. It was all done and scheduled for two days time in Athlone. The tricky bit was telling Steve.

However, Holly found that she had new confidence, now that she had a direction. She literally informed Steve that night that it was the polygraph test or the door. Steve had agreed.

The two days passed quickly and Holly felt the anxiety that had been hovering over her lighten as the date of the polygraph examination grew nearer. Filling in the questions to be asked during the test had been emotional, but she felt relieved that she would at last, have some answers.

She knew that the examiner was an expert in situations like hers, so he had really put her at ease when they met. She didn’t go to the test centre on the day. Instead she arranged a day out with the girls and had a great time.

Results from the lie detector test in Athlone

It was tough to see Steve’s answers in black and white. However the results gave her the answers she needed. It was over.

Using the infidelity polygraph test gave Holly a surprising sense of peace and calm about her decision. She had been level-headed, rational and practical. Now she knew that she could end her relationship without any regrets about it all.

With the test results in hand, Holly made the call that brought seven years together to an end.

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