Daniel thought he could wing the sexual contact lie detector test in Belfast. Jade had given him an ultimatum – polygraph test or she was gone. He’d lied for this long – one test shouldn’t make a difference. Once he gave in, she had it booked and scheduled for two days time.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. He’d got sloppy of late, left a few receipts around, scheduled things a bit too close together – and there was even the name slip. Four years in, it was pretty much his norm.

And then it happened…….

Someone told Jade they’d seen him with another girl a couple of times. Dates, time, places, everything. Cornered he’d done the only thing possible – denied it. Heartfelt, full on, denied the whole thing.

Jade was having none of it. The same someone had apparently told Jade to make him take a lie detector test in Belfast. So that was when the ultimatum came.

Completely floored, he stormed out of the house. Jade didn’t give up though. She was right back on about the polygraph test, the next morning – before she threw him out.

After staying with a friend for a day, he had to do something. All things considered, after all these years of lying to Jade, one lie detector test shouldn’t be too bad. The test couldn’t answer back. That, Daniel found, was the point where lying got tricky with Jade because she could and did respond. Besides, he couldn’t stay at his friend’s forever.

So he agreed to take the lie detector test in Belfast

What he didn’t expect was to have a specially trained examiner, one who was an expert in administering sexual contact lie detector tests. That information alone had made him nervous straightaway.

The test, it turned out, was not the breeze that he had imagined. Many of the questions had been formulated by the examiner based on information he had received from Jade. Daniel hadn’t expected that. There were different types of questions and halfway through, he just started telling the truth. Maybe Jade might forgive him?

Worst of all, the results would be sent directly to Jade

He couldn’t sleep that night. In the morning, he decided that he would fess up. If he told Jade the truth, ahead of the results from the polygraph test, maybe she would forgive him.

With his heart in his mouth he went round to the house. Jade was in.

She went ballistic when he told her the truth. It was worse than he could have imagined. Tears, shouting, it was bad. She threw his clothes out the window.

It was over. He never did find out what was on those results. Jade refused to speak to him again. He’d learnt his lesson though. Despite his cheating, Jade had meant something to him. He had lost his home too.

Nowadays he tried not to cheat. It would happen every now and again, but mostly he tried to exercise self control.

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