When Terry discovered that he could book his own lie detector test in Dublin, he jumped at the chance. He had made some silly mistakes, but they were not the ones that Kim, his partner, had in mind. The test was Terry’s way to prove himself once and for all.

Terry had made some stupid mistakes over the years. He was the first to admit that now. The biggest one was with his relationship. Now that he was about to lose Kim, he could see really clearly where he had gone wrong. He desperately wanted another chance. All he could hope was that the polygraph test would be a big step in the right direction.

He had cheated on Kim once, a long time ago. Twenty or so years back now. They were going through a rough patch and he was working away from home. It had been the once and that was all. He had never done it again. Not once. Not that Kim believed him.

Kim had lost her trust in him. He couldn’t blame her. She was right. He had been lying.

But it wasn’t cheating – he wasn’t a cheat

It started with the lottery online. It was easier than going into the shop, so he signed up to play over the internet. But soon he was playing it a few times a week. He had a few wins, so he thought he would try his hand at online poker. He’d been quite good at it. Then his mate took him to a casino and things started to get out of hand.

Kim thought he was out with another woman. He wasn’t. He was out trying to win back the £10,000 that he had gambled away. He could see why Kim thought he was with someone else. He tried to tell her over and over that he wasn’t.

Now that she was moving out, he needed to do something and quick. It was stupid. He didn’t know how to tell Kim that he was doing some serious gambling. Every time he tried to say the words, they got stuck in his throat. To tell her he had lost a total of £10,000. He just couldn’t.

But if he took the lie detector test in Dublin, he could prove he wasn’t cheating. He read all the information, so knew he could write the main questions himself. He was going to get the truth about the gambling in there too.

Lie detector test in Dublin

The examiner had special training in administering relationship lie detector tests. He had seen it all before, which was a relief. He would give the results to Kim and let her see the whole truth for herself on paper. The reality that he wasn’t a cheat but had been gambling a lot would surprise her no doubt.

A couple of days later, the day of the lie detector test in Dublin arrived. Terry felt an overwhelming sense of relief. Finally all he had to do was to answer the questions truthfully. There was no-one there to judge him. It was a weight off his shoulders.

When the results came the next day, Terry left them on the kitchen table for Kim. He was too much of a coward to stay, but he wrote her a message and left it with all of the data.

That was a year ago. These days Terry and Kim are in a much better place. Terry has professional help with his gambling and Kim tries her best to support him.

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