A deathbed confession led to our client booking a lie detector test in Fermanagh for her husband revealing much more than she expected.

Aileen’s Case

Aileen’s had never got on well with her sister Margaret. When Aileen was a child she was the youngest of 4 sisters.  For some reason the older sisters thought that taking Aileen’s things away from her was funny.  As she got older Aileen was overly possessive of what she considered to be hers. Margaret had stolen at least two of her boyfriends but hadn’t managed to steal Seamus.  Aileen married him and as far as she was aware their 40 year marriage had been happy, until Margaret became ill.

When Margaret was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Aileen was the person who lived closest to her.  Being an SRN for much of her career Aileen was able to take care of Margaret for a while at her home.  However, when things got really bad Margaret was transferred to a hospice and given less than a week to live.

Toward the very end Margaret turned to Aileen and told her she was sorry.  Aileen asked her why she was sorry.  Then Margaret dropped the bombshell.  She said that she’d had an affair with Seamus many years ago. And within minutes of saying this, she passed away.

Lie detector test in Fermanagh

The moment it was appropriate Aileen tackled Seamus about it.  He emphatically denied that he’d ever slept with Margaret and could think of no reason why she would say such a thing.  The forceful manner in which he protested made Aileen suspicious.

She’d watched back to back Jeremy Kyle one weekend and wondered if it was possible to get a private lie detector test in Fermanagh.

Not being very good with the internet she asked a close friend to check it out for her and that is how our polygraph examiner learned about Aileen’s case. After a long chat on our free helpline Aileen ordered a polygraph test for her husband.

Aileen was a little surprised that Seamus agreed so readily to taking the test but also relieved because she didn’t have to have a row about it

Polygraph test and results

Within 24 hours of the test being conducted, Aileen had the results.  Seamus had indeed slept with her sister over a 3 year period.  Not only that he had slept with other women on and off throughout their marriage but not over the past 5 years. It transpired that he thought since his promiscuous behaviour had stopped so long ago, he could in some way beat the test.

Aileen assumed that the reason he wasn’t sleeping around anymore was because the years hadn’t been kind to him.  He was balding and had a beer belly so perhaps not many women were attracted to him now.

Aileen and Seamus are now going to counselling and we’ll update you on the progress of this case when we hear from them.

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