Cherry had seen the signs before. This time it was her son. This time she had to do something. The lie detector test in Limerick seemed like it might be what she was looking for.

Cherry wanted to get the polygraph test done as quickly as possible, because she knew how bad things could get. And she was not going to go through that again.

Behavioural changes

Lee had always been the fun-loving type. Out with his friends or girlfriend, he spent his money on having fun. Now things were different. There was a vacant look in his eyes; he was edgy, angry and reclusive.

The time away from home was different now. It wasn’t the whirl of aftershave, beeps from his friends in the car outside, pumping loud music. She hadn’t seen any of that for a long time.

Now Lee went out silently, or didn’t come home until the early hours of the morning. He seemed so mechanical.

Things needed to change. She knew the signs. Hopefully the lie detector test in Limerick would be the first step on a long journey.

It was a road she knew well. Her ex-husband had been sober for ten years now. At least this would be different. She had learnt her lesson. It was the second time around for her, so she had been proactive. She knew not to ignore the signs.

Cherry had found receipts loads of them – all over the place. It was gambling. She had made herself say the words – until she could accept it. Her son was a gambling addict.

She knew that until he could admit it, Lee would never begin his journey to recovery. She had been through it all with her husband. She knew the issue was denial.

Staying calm and cool headed, Cherry had formed her plan carefully over the last ten days. Realistic, she knew what she was up against. The polygraph examination was where she was going to start. It was a plan of peaceful, non-invasive action. No show-down. No attack. Not this time.

Preparing for the lie detector test in Limerick

Cherry had created the questions with a lot of thought, revising them a number of times, trying to make sure that she kept her main purpose in mind. The polygraph examination was the opportunity for Lee to realise that he was an addict. It was the first step in dealing with the demon of denial.

She had studied the examiner when she met him, to make sure that he would be right for Lee. She had been impressed. A specialist in administering addiction polygraph tests, he really understood the situation that she was in. It had been a cathartic experience because she had not told a soul about Lee’s gambling. She couldn’t. Not yet, it was still too raw.

Confidential, private and away from anyone he knew, Cherry hoped the test would be liberating for Lee too. She had specifically chosen to have him take a lie detector test in Limerick. The location was near enough to home but far enough away to be on neutral ground.Carried out in an unbiased, non-judgmental space he could face where he was on his journey, for the first time.

Cherry hoped that the test would be the beginning of Lee’s path to recovery. Her fingers and toes were crossed that Lee would see that too. Keep an eye on our blog to find out what happened.

Specialised lie detector tests

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