1 in 5 people these days meet online, with 71 percent believing in love at first sight. The majority of users on popular dating apps and sites are men. When Janice met and fell immediately in love with Ryan, she never thought it would end with a lie detector test in Swords, near Dublin.

Love at first sight

Janice had only tried online dating as all of her other efforts to find love had been fruitless. Whenever she met someone it was usually in a bar. All these people were after were one night stands or just a good time, not the lasting relationship Janice was hoping for. She’d tried a few different sites and came across one of the most popular. Janice had always tried free sites before but again these normally transcended into people looking for a good time. She decided to pay a monthly prescription, thinking there would be more serious people on this particular site. Why would they pay if they weren’t?

Knight in shining armour

Janice got home from work and excitedly opened her messages – she had loads. One, in particular stood out – Ryan. He was a fireman and because of his busy job couldn’t find a lady to fit in or accept his busy schedule. He was so muscular and handsome! Janice messaged him and soon they were dating full time. She started to realise what he meant about his work commitments as she only saw him at weekends. Surely he could come and stay overnight during the week sometimes she thought. It was only when she was at her friend’s talking to her about Ryan that she mentioned she’d been dating someone similar.

Devil in Disguise

Unlike Janice her friend hadn’t removed her profile from the website and they searched for Ryan. Janice was devastated to see his profile pop up. Her friend also showed her the messages she’d received from the rat. She thought he’d been serious and called him. Ryan laughed at her saying he’d just forgotten to take it down but Janice knew something was off. She contacted us for a lie detector test in Swords and brought Ryan to the office a few days later. Ryan was adamant that there was no necessity for the polygraph test but if it made her happy, why not?

Janice had the results within 24 hours and they revealed far more than she had ever suspected. Ryan had been seeing other people whilst in a committed relationship with her. He had slept with others and he wasn’t even a fireman. Ryan hardly spent time with Janice because he was at home with his wife. Janice was upset, devastated to say the least.

She contacted Ryan and ended the relationship. She didn’t bother contacting his wife but instead contacted the dating site to confirm he was married and posing as single to get dates and the like. She may not be able to stop him seeing other women behind his wife’s back but she could oust him off one site for the lying cheat he really was. The lie detector test in Swords has made Janice far more cautious with her online dating.

Lie detector test in Swords

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