When our client found herself in the midst of false accusations, she took a lie detector test in Waterford to dispel them. She also discovered that some friends are not what they appear.

Liz’s case

Shannon called Liz one night in tears. She said her boyfriend David had been hitting her and she had to get away. She didn’t have much money and no job. Liz and Shannon went way back, they’d known each other for 20 years but hadn’t spoken much for the last 10. Feeling sorry for her old friend, she told her to make the long journey from Scotland and stay with her. She could stay until she got herself on her feet. After all these years and remembering the close friendship they once had, Liz thought it was the least she could do.

When Shannon arrived she looked worse than Liz ever remembered. She was gaunt and pale. Liz knew she’d made the right decision. Shannon soon settled in and found a job locally. Although it was with a good firm, she wasn’t earning much. Liz had worked for a very well-known energy firm for a number of years and decided to ask if they were hiring. Shannon smashed the interview and before long they were both working together and living together. The job was secured by the respect Liz had within the company.

This worked well for a while but the strain of having someone else in the family home became too much. Liz asked her to leave one day after finding the room she was staying in disgusting, the carpet had been burnt and it smelt.

Never Recommend a Friend

Shannon denied she was responsible for the carpet but no one else could possibly have done it. However, in the interest of their friendship and the fact that they were now working together she left it. Shannon moved into a rented room not far down the road.

Shannon then started being late for work and saying it was because of the place that Liz had forced her to live in. She also made up various stories about Liz and her husband’s relationship, indicating that they’d taken advantage of her and made her feel unwelcome. This put Liz in a difficult position at work and with friends outside of work. Liz contacted us about a taking a lie detector test in Waterford and booked in for the very next day.

Lie detector test in Waterford

Shannon visited Liz to collect the rest of her things and Liz confronted her about the awful things she was saying. Shannon denied all of it of course.  Liz told her she wouldn’t be in work the following morning as she was taking a polygraph test to prove that all the rumours circulating about her weren’t true.

Arriving at work in the afternoon with the results of her lie detector test in Waterford, Liz was buoyant. Allegations about her treatment of Shannon were completely false and Liz’s test results proved it. Unfortunately Shannon wasn’t there having not turned up for work. She had walked out on the job Liz had worked so hard to get for her.

Although Liz felt upset after all she’d done for Shannon she managed to salvage her respectable reputation in and out of work. She also learned never to recommend a friend at work and hasn’t ever since.

A test doesn’t always have to be taken by the person making the false accusations. If you answer questions about them truthfully, it proves the other person is lying.

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