The sight of Jennifer Garner arriving at Ben Affleck’s house to stage an intervention is a stark reminder of the struggle that loved ones of addicts face. It is also the reason that so many people are using lie detector tests to monitor addiction behaviour. It’s a daily uphill battle and a challenge for both addicts and those associated with them.

We want to trust but we also want to remain vigilant. Addicts and their supporters are finding that lie detector tests to monitor addiction behaviour tread that middle ground. A way to support, monitor and avoid scenes and the explanations. Not the ending that you imagine, but something to avoid the fallout.

Private and confidential polygraph examinations

The privacy and independence of a polygraph examination makes it a powerful tool. When you consider the test in terms of the struggles that a family might face, it is easy to see where the appeal lies.

A medical illness, addiction is hard to break. So though you have come out of the storm the fear of a relapse is there, lurking in the shadows constantly. And so there is no peace.

A lie detector test carried out by an addiction polygraph specialist provides a form of release. It can be taken in privacy, in a space away from any judgement or emotion.

Questions are constructed by the person who books the test. A great way to ask the things that you need to know without being there. With the heightened emotions and altered states that exist when addiction behaviour is in crisis, a polygraph test is a welcome change. It’s an opportunity to get some clear answers and a chance to speak the truth.

A test delivered with no-one else around eliminates the pressure of others. So too, when the results arrive, they come to you alone. Providing the time to read them over and decide what to do next on your own.

Something different to help change addiction behaviour

And so, lie detector tests are being used by many to monitor addiction behaviour. For some it is another way to prove their commitment; for others it is a way in. For everyone involved it is calm, private and objective.

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