Our polygraph examiners are involved frequently with lie detector tests for convicted paedophiles in the private sector.  We also work with paedophiles that are attracted to children but have not yet acted upon their desires.

Polygraph tests form part of prison release conditions for some sexual abusers, particularly paedophiles.  However, former head of the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) Jim Gamble considers this is not enough.

An excellent idea for child safety

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, now CEO of the INEQE Group, Mr Gamble stated he wants lie detector tests to be compulsory for paedophiles before they are let out of jail. Invariably they are automatically released when they have served 50 percent of their sentences.  But Mr Gamble believes paedophiles should prove they no longer pose a threat to children before being paroled.

Naturally we, at Lie Detector Test IE, consider anything that keeps children safe is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, unlike England and Wales, polygraph tests are not used by Northern Ireland police forces.  Given that Jim Gamble comes from Northern Ireland perhaps he may be able to wield some influence.

Lie detector tests for convicted paedophiles

In the private sector it is invariably women who order polygraph tests for paedophilia. If a new man enters their lives, they want to be sure he won’t molest their children. Usually paedophiles are not forthcoming with their convictions.  Lie detector tests for convicted paedophiles reveal not only their convictions but also their perspective on paedophilia.

Paedophiles can often be found on dating websites and apps.  They specifically target women with children.  They may not be convicted paedophiles but are often searching for their first encounter. Being in a relationship with a woman and playing the role of father, often camouflages their true intentions.

Dating apps

We have always been advocates for checking out partners with whom people intend to have a committed relationship.  Polygraph services reveal much more about the person’s character than mere background checks. If you are a mother with young children you should seriously consider getting a prospective partner to take a lie detector test. Reasonable people don’t object and can see the reason for being asked to take it. Most will agree.

We hope that Jim Gamble gets his way with regard to making lie detector tests for convicted paedophiles compulsory before they are allowed back into society.

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