It was a sad day for our clients when they had to order lie detector tests in Waterford to find out which of their family members had stolen money from their wedding account.

Jason and Abby had been saving for their wedding for months and the time came to finally book it. They’d chosen a lovely hotel in Waterford. Jason’s mother had been keeping the money safe for them so they wouldn’t spend it. A little here and a little there, and a contribution from both sets of parents, meant they had a little 7,000 euros.

The perfect dress

Abby had picked out the perfect dress.  It was going to cost 2000 euros and everybody said she was mad.  But she’d tried to save on so many things in order to pay for the perfect dress and she had to have it.

Abby and her mother had gone to the hotel to taste the wine and the food. It was amazing. The wedding, including the DJ, was going to cost 4000 euros.  She would have more than enough to pay for the dress. Her mother handed over the card and it was declined. How could it be? They’d only put a deposit of 1000 euros down on the dress, so there should be at least 6000 euros left. They called the bank and were devastated to learn that there were only 40 euros left.

Prime suspect

Only four people in the family had access to the money. They were both mothers, Abby’s father in law and Abby’s youngest sister, Michelle. They approached Jon, her father in law, and asked if he’d dipped into the savings and he said no.

The bank debit card for the wedding account was kept in a drawer in Jon’s study and all the people who were helping to arrange the wedding were allowed to use it. These were confined to:

  • Jon because he was organising the cars
  • Michelle who was arranging the hen party, hair and nails
  • Abby’s mother, Gail, to sort out the wedding favours, flowers, venue, food and wine etc.
  • Jason’s mum for the bridesmaids’ and page boy’s outfits.

Apart from the 1000 euros deposit for the dress nothing had been arranged so no one should have used the card.

Having checked the statement from the bank, cash had been drawn out from various ATMs around Ireland almost every day.

Lie detector tests in Waterford

Abby contacted us to discuss lie detector tests in Waterford. Everyone had denied any wrongdoing but she and Jason needed to know who the ‘snake’ was in the family. Abby was devastated that she couldn’t pay for her wedding or her dress.

Our polygraph examiner suggested that the person they suspected most should take a test first. After that more tests could be booked if necessary.

Rather than get the police involved, Jon agreed to pay for lie detector tests in Waterford irrespective of how many might be necessary.  Neither Abby nor Jason could imagine any of their family members stealing money from them so they had no clue who had done it.

Tests and results

Jon took the first test and it wasn’t him. Michelle took the second and no further tests were necessary. So Abby’s little sister had done it.  She didn’t need the money but for some reason didn’t want Abby to have her dream wedding.  Because the questions had been decided between the family and our polygraph examiner prior to the tests, the focus was solely on who had stolen the money, not why they had.

Michelle couldn’t explain adequately why she thought Abby wasn’t deserving of the type of wedding she wanted.  She and Jason had saved the money after all; no one had given it to them. Michelle confessed to withdrawing 300 euros every day until her sister couldn’t afford to pay for her wedding.  She still had most of the money and she paid it back into the wedding account.  The remainder she is still repaying.

We can only speculate the reason Michelle wanted to ruin Abby’s big day.

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