You might think that someone who is being dishonest wouldn’t want to take a polygraph test.  To understand why liars volunteer to take lie detectors in Ireland and elsewhere we have to evaluate their characters and attitudes.

Most of us know someone who tends to lie with alacrity, sometimes at least once a day. They are dishonest about the smallest of things when there really seems no reason to be dishonest.  The majority of people volunteer to take polygraph tests because they want to prove themselves innocent. But what about those who agree to them knowing they are culpable?

Liars believe in themselves

Generally liars always think they are good at it. They are confident they will be believed and that confidence grows the more they get away with it. If they can convince others that they are telling the truth -why not a polygraph examiner?  Liars don’t necessarily believe the stories they tell but most consider that the lies they are telling someone are credible. It’s not a dissimilar process to that used by salespeople who sell you a dream.  If they fail to convince you they lose the sale.  If a liar fails to convince you they’ve lost control. The worst thing imaginable to liars is not being able to sell you their story.

When liars agree to take lie detectors in Ireland, it’s imperative to them that everyone knows they have voluntarily agreed.  They will appear shocked if it is suggested that a guilty person would ever agree to a polygraph test. This reaction is designed to make those accusing them believe that they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

When they tell lies during the polygraph examination, they feel in control for two main reasons. Firstly they believe they can beat the polygraph. Secondly they can dispute the result of the test by asking why they would volunteer to take it if they were being dishonest.

How can I cheat the polygraph?

Invariably liars who are scheduled to take lie detectors in Ireland and elsewhere will search the internet to find ways to beat the test. They will also read as much information as possible about how reliable lie detector test results are.

The vast majority of people who voluntarily submit to a polygraph examination are innocent so have no reason to refuse. Liars are often surrounded by honest people so by offering to take a lie detector test, they anticipate they’ll never be asked to. The mere fact that they have volunteered surely must mean they are innocent- right?  Wrong!

Lie detectors in Ireland and elsewhere

Lie Detector Test Ireland provides polygraph services for a wide range of situations that require truth to be established. These scenarios include infidelity, domestic abuse, drug addiction, theft within the family and in the workplace. Lie detectors in Ireland are also used in the pre-employment screening process and well as for the monitoring of existing employees.

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