She hadn’t wanted to believe it. It was a living nightmare. The Limerick historical sexual abuse lie detector test was a necessity. She couldn’t trust her judgement anymore.

Anne’s story

The accusation had thundered into her life like an unexpected bomb. Exploding everything she knew to be true. Now here she was about to book a lie detector test.

Terry and Anne had been married for thirty years.  Until now that had been thirty happy years. Now, everything was topsy-turvy. Rather than a proud wife she felt like a fool. How could she have got this all so wrong?

One accusation about Terry would have been bad enough, but now there were three – 3 that she knew of. And they were from so long ago. Twenty-five years of misinformation. 25 years of lies. What would the Limerick historical sexual abuse polygraph test uncover?

Then too, there was the constant nagging anxiety. Thirty years of marriage all gone, just like that. How would she start again at her age?

Answers were not a luxury that she had right now. However, what she could do was get this polygraph examination done in Limerick. So that was what she had done.

Terry’s attitude

Terry was his usual confident, chirpy self. However, that confidence now felt arrogant, smug even.

Anne had to get the test done. Had to have hard questions answered – things that she could not say herself?

So she had kept all of this to herself. Terry had laughed his head off first, and then agreed to the polygraph examination when he could see that she was deadly serious.

Anne had taken a few days to write, read and re-read her contributions to the questions that Terry would be asked on the day. This would be her one chance to get to the truth of the matter and she was not going to leave any stone unturned.

Meeting the examiner had put her at ease. An expert in his field, with many years of experience in administering historical sexual abuse lie detector tests, she had every confidence that if anyone could get to the truth, it was this guy.

Results of the Limerick historical sexual abuse lie detector test

So at the end of that week, Terry took the test in Limerick. To Anne’s horror the results of the test showed that everything that the women had said was true, in fact the truth was somewhat worse.

Anne was surprised to find herself flooded with gratitude. Gratitude that at last she knew the truth about the man she had called her husband for all these years.

What she would do now, she didn’t know entirely, except that this marriage was well and truly over. She could not, would not, be married to someone who was capable of this.

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