Earlier this month we shared the story of one of our clients who wanted her son to take a Limerick lie detector test. She suspected that Lee had a gambling addiction. We had no idea whether he would agree to take the test at the time. This is the follow up to what happened.

Cherry had lived through an addiction problem before, with her husband. Unfortunately, way back when this was an issue for him, private polygraph services weren’t so widely known or available in Ireland. Now more and more people turn to the polygraph examiner for help with issues surrounding a loved one, to find out the truth and be able to tackle the problem head-on. The great thing about using this service is that you have the truth straight away, no lies just facts.

After meeting the specialist examiner, she was confident that he was the right one for Lee. He was calm and friendly with a kind and professional, yet warm and understanding approach to the problems Cherry and Lee were facing.  Cherry had discussed with him the best way to broach the subject of the appointment with Lee and he’d suggested a text.

Tough love

Lee didn’t react well when she texted him. The examiner had explained that a lie detector test for addiction was as non-confrontational as a text message. Lee was to take the test the next day, or he was on his own. No show and he would have to find his own way out of this and a new place to live. Tough love was never one of Cherry’s strong points, especially when it came to her blue-eyed boy. The addiction her husband had overcome nearly destroyed the family and her marriage. She would not and could not live through that again.

All Lee needed to do was go to Limerick and take the polygraph test. She wouldn’t be there; neither would anyone else he knew. It was up to him. Cherry would receive all of the results in the post in a day or two. She texted the address and appointment time and just waited for what seemed like a lifetime for a response, but none came.

Devastating results

A day later, Cherry’s heart was filled with joy when she checked her email. Lee had gone. He’d taken the test. The results showed that Lee had gambled away most of his trust fund, some £20,000. He had only received the trust money a couple of years prior. His answers revealed a spiral from small cash bets on the horses or football to serious gambling in casinos.

Although the news had been what she expected, she still felt devastated. Nevertheless, she knew now the only thing to help Lee would be to spend some time in a residential rehabilitation centre. Lee needed round the clock supervision, counselling and to get away from the place and all the people that had fueled his addiction for so long.

Limerick lie detector test examiner

Lee called Cherry the following day and admitted everything. He knew that she knew but he just didn’t have the courage to face her. Lee explained he only wanted to see his family after he was well. He really didn’t comprehend the magnitude of the problem he had at the time, everything seemed so normal to him. In the pre-test interview with his specialist polygraph examiner, he felt relaxed. There were no distractions and no confrontations. He felt able to talk easily on neutral ground.

Rehabilitation and moving forward

The Limerick lie detector test and the kindness of the examiner had finally made him realise that he did have a gambling addiction and definitely needed an intervention. He agreed to attend a rehabilitation centre that Cherry had arranged for him. It was in another part of the country and he received the help he so desperately needed.

3 months later, Lee is now on his journey to overcome his addiction and rebuild his life. He’s even found himself a girlfriend and repaired the relationship with his mother. Without Cherry’s quick thinking and tough love, he wouldn’t have had this chance to start again.

There’s not always a happy ending but it makes the work of polygraph examiners so much more satisfying when there is.

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