When false allegations in the workplace are made against workers it’s unpleasant. It is worse when made in front of your workmates. Worries about job insecurity are bound to ensue. Our Limerick Polygraph Examiner explains how a lie detector test can help to a worried employee.

Q: My boss’s wife thinks I’m having an affair with him. Can your Limerick Polygraph Examiner help?

I am terrified of losing my job and don’t know where to turn.  I work in a factory and my boss’s wife came into the staff room last week and told me to leave her husband alone. It was humiliating and embarrassing.  We were on our lunch break, so all my workmates heard it.  I’m not having any form of relationship with my boss but I know who is.

One of my friends is also a workmate and a while back she told me she was sleeping with our boss. She is a lot younger than him and foolishly believes he is going to leave his wife.  When she told me I said that all married men say that but she is convinced he’s in love with her.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t want to grass on my friend but I don’t want to lose my job either.  If I took a lie detector test would it help do you think?

I told the friend who is having the affair that I was thinking about taking a test and she said “go for it”. Part of me believes that she wants our boss’s wife to find out it’s her.

Any advice you can give will be much appreciated.

S. B., Limerick

Response from Limerick Polygraph Examiner

What a dreadful predicament for you to be in. The short answer to your question is that a lie detector test will help you prove that you are innocent.

Normally you would be asked only questions related to your relationship with your boss.  There is no need to add a question along the lines of “Do you know anyone who is having an intimate relationship with your boss?” That could open up a whole can of worms for you.  So you don’t need, and I wouldn’t advise you, to divulge that information. We can formulate the questions together so that the truth is defined.

Naturally you can’t be fired for something for which there is no evidence.  These are false allegations. But it doesn’t stop the wife putting pressure on her husband to find something to fire you for.  In circumstances such as these an industrial tribunal would be unlikely to find against you.  An arbitrator may agree to results from the polygraph examination being used as part of your defence but you would require corroborative evidence too.  That might take the form of witnesses to the wife accusing you in the staff room.

However, let’s nip this in the bud before it gets to that stage.  You can book a test online by clicking here.  Alternatively, if you want to discuss the test and find out more details of what is involved call our free helpline – 85 176 3360.  You can be assured that your matter will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Mention to our customer service representative that you have already had some advice from the Limerick Polygraph Examiner.

Lie Detector Test in Limerick

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