When a husband dramatically changes his behaviour and is over generous, wives often become suspicious. Are they cheating? Do they feel guilty about something? Our client chose our Lisburn lie detector test service to find out what her husband was up to.

Shelly’s case

Shelly was ecstatic when Gary brought her home some expensive jewellery. It meant a lot to her as she knew his job as a postman didn’t pay much. It was Easter and Gary confirmed he received his annual bonus. He liked to treat her but more recently he’d been doing this a lot. They’d had new crockery and he kept buying her clothes. Speaking to her best friend Tara one day, she started to doubt the generosity as if he was doing something wrong. Shelly had never thought he’d cheat. Maybe he was gambling. She just couldn’t understand where all this money was coming from.

Lies about money

Shelly contacted our Lisburn Lie Detector Test Service. Her efforts to speak to Gary seemed futile. He’d keep saying it was bonuses or he’d won a little on the lottery. Gary had even said a member of his family had died and left him some money. Funny thing was that he didn’t have an aunt with that name and after 10 years of a relationship, she’d know. The polygraph test was the only way Shelly could think of for getting to the truth.

When she spoke to Gary about the appointment he seemed distant, stating he didn’t want to be seen going into an office for the test. Shelly contacted us and we told her that our offices were discreet with no glaring signage. She convinced Gary to attend. We formulated the questions to ascertain whether he had been cheating and to ask where the money for the gifts came from.

Results reveal a shocking and unexpected truth

At the time of the test Gary admitted to impulsively stealing. He hadn’t cheated but was being dishonest. Our report convinced Shelly that Gary needed to seek help. Referred to a consultant psychiatrist, Gary was diagnosed with Kleptomania, an inability to resist stealing things. Prescribed Prozac and psychotherapy sessions Gary is now able to manage his condition with better control over his impulses.

Shelly, although happy he wasn’t being unfaithful was upset to learn that all of her recent gifts had come from this mental disorder and arranged for them to be returned to their shops. Thankfully the owners where empathetic, happy to have their goods back and didn’t take any further action.

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Shelley chose our Lisburn Lie Detector Test Service because it was close to where she lived.  However, we provide polygraph services nationwide.  A polygraph examiner is never far away.

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