Q. Can your polygraph examiner in Belfast find out what my son is up to?

I’m writing to you on the off chance you might be able to help, since nothing else I have tried has. My son Kenny has become involved with some lads who appear to be part of a gang. We live in London and it’s becoming quite scary in the area we live. It isn’t robberies or anything like that but there seems to be a lot of drugs circulating the area and recently there have been a number of stabbings.

I’ve asked my son if he knows anything about it but at 17, I can’t force him to tell me. He’s out late and when he is home he’s disrespectful and aggressive. I can’t even understand half of what he says anymore, it’s like another language. I want the best for my son but I’m concerned if he doesn’t disassociate himself with the people he’s hanging around with then he may get to the point of no return. He was always such a bright and happy child prior to the new friends he’s been meeting.

Last week one of the neighbours said her son had ended up in hospital after being stabbed in the arm. Kenny had been brought in for questioning shortly after this accusation. The police had no evidence so had to release him but I’m not sure. The very next day he was out boasting to his friends about the interview. Kenny is so confident and I believe he’d take a lie detector test if I asked him. Do you think this could help him face up to reality?

M.B., Belfast

Answer from our Polygraph Examiner in Belfast

There have been 800 serious knife crimes in Belfast over the last year.  Many of them have been committed by youngsters.  It isn’t confined to Northern Ireland since there appears to be an epidemic of it in other parts of the UK too.  Authorities seem to be at a loss as to the best way of tackling it.

I think the first thing you need to establish is whether your son carries a knife. And then you need to know why he is carrying it.  It has got to the stage where youngsters are so frightened of being stabbed that they carry a knife themselves for protection.

At 17, Kevin has his whole life ahead of him and if he commits any form of knife crime, he will end up with a criminal record. This will affect his career prospects as I am sure you are aware.

You say that he was a bright and happy child before he met these new friends. Perhaps he needs to understand that they are not really his friends if they are involving him in violence.  They could ruin his entire life.

You say that Kevin would take a lie detector test if you asked him to.  What makes you think that? Would he think he could cheat it or is he worried you might throw him out?  Either way, there is no doubt that I, as a specialist polygraph examiner in Belfast, will get to the truth.  I have dealt with many cases where teenagers go off the rails in a whole range of different ways.  Many of them think they will be able to brag to their friends afterwards that they beat the test.  Having taken the test, they are quickly disillusioned.

Book a lie detector test in Belfast

You do need to get to the root of this.  So in answer to your question yes I can help.  Call our office on the Free Helpline – 85 176 3360. Tell our customer service staff that your question has been published on the blog and they’ll have a record of it.  Alternatively you can book a test online, stipulating you want the polygraph examiner in Belfast.

I look forward to meeting Kevin and hopefully being the first step toward getting him back on the straight and narrow.

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