It had torn the family apart. The domestic abuse polygraph service in Belfast was all she had. It was her word against his. She wasn’t worried. She knew he would take the lie detector test.

Sally’s story

It had been twenty three years of hell. The test would reveal what she couldn’t. Sally had thought he would change. She would always regret not leaving on her wedding night – the first time that Jim hit her. The first of many hits, insults, kicks and punches – she had had it all.

No more lies now.

Jim was cocky beyond belief. That was why she knew he would take the polygraph test. He would saunter down to the polygraph service in Belfast, calm in his arrogance that he could pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. He was always ready to twist things so that the blame lay with her.

Sally needed this test. She wanted her family and friends back, all those who had sided with Jim. Her Dad, Uncle Pete and friends – she wasn’t going to lose them.

It was a relief to hear that the test could be carried out within a couple of days. As she predicted, Jim apparently found the whole thing funny and agreed to the test immediately.

Sally was surprised to learn that she could meet the specialist examiner beforehand. She was even more amazed to have input into the content of some of the questions. After 23 years of being shamed into silence, here she was with the opportunity to question Jim without the fear of getting her face smashed in.

Thank goodness she could steer clear of Belfast on the day of the test as there was no requirement for Sally to be present for the polygraph examination.

Results arrive from the polygraph service in Belfast

When the results were delivered a couple of days later, it was chilling to see her tormentor’s words displayed so clearly on the page as he answered the questions. These  words had controlled and destroyed her for so long. Sally had known that he would forget himself and reveal his true, cruel self.

The detailed data was everything that she had hoped and more. That night she began to email family screenshots of the data. It had been an emotional night, messaging whilst sobbing, followed by heartfelt conversations with shocked family and friends.

With her loved ones back, Sally was able to move on and build a new life for herself – free from her hateful husband – now soon to be ex, if all goes well.

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