According to the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) around 50 percent of the nursing homes they inspect in Ireland are sub-standard. It has long been our contention that polygraph services in Limerick and elsewhere in the Republic should be included in the pre-employment screening process.  It would also be useful for those seeking care for loved ones to get owners of nursing and residential homes to take them.

HIQA report finds poor compliance in 20 nursing homes

Earlier in the year HIQA found that all residents ended up sharing one room due to an outbreak of infection in a nursing home in Limerick. HIQA’s report identified that St Ita Hospital located in Newcastle West wasn’t able to adequately control the infection due to lack of staff and multi-occupancy rooms.

The report also determined that twenty facilities were not compliant in some disciplines including infection control, protection, staffing, record keeping and accommodation among others. Highlighted were the institutional premises with limited action being taken to upgrade the accommodation. This negatively impacted on the quality of life, safety and service for residents.

Another nursing home in the same area, St Catherine’s, was found to be in breach of the 2007 Health Act in accommodating two residents in beds that were not registered.

Yet another home, Beneavin Lodge at Glasnevin was in breach of 6 regulations including lack of communication with the families of residents.  Accurate data regarding health of residents was apparently difficult obtain. Handling of complaints and indeed who was responsible for managing them came under fire from families among other criticisms.

How polygraph services in Limerick can help

The above is the tip of an iceberg in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Nursing home owners don’t tend to be poor and should be able to function adequately on the fees received from residents.  They naturally should deliver the services that they promise.

When considering a nursing or residential home for a loved one you will want to know that they are going to receive the best possible care. All staff should be adequately qualified and experienced.  But their CVs and even standard background checks don’t divulge anything about their characters.  You should ask whether nursing homes are including lie detector tests in their pre-employment screening process.  If they conduct periodic lie detector tests on existing staff this also helps to keep staff loyal and honest.

Similarly, nursing home managers and owners may well sell the benefits of the home but are they telling the absolute truth?

Insisting on them taking lie detector tests before buying their services will help enormously when evaluating a home.

Lie detector tests in recruitment

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