Our client decided to ask her husband to take a polygraph test in Athlone to find out if he was truly ill or just faking it.

Marijuana has recently been legalised for specialist consultants to prescribe it for medical reasons in the UK. It’s used to treat conditions such as ME, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Proposed legislation is likely to make the same service available in Ireland within a few weeks. Is it a good or bad thing?

Wendy’s Case

Graham was always a stoner; from a young age he’d become involved in most drugs but weed was his favourite. He’d tried nearly all of them, some hard, some not.  When he announced he was giving up the party scene Wendy was happy.  He told her he was only going to smoke weed and nothing else.

Graham came from money and could always get what he needed, whenever he needed it. Soon after they met, Graham explained he had an ongoing back problem and the weed helped him to be able to relax. Graham had tried diazepam and all sorts of muscle relaxants but to date, nothing had helped with the constant pain he felt, other than the relief he got when he smoked cannabis.

Legalise it

Graham had campaigned for years to get marijuana legalised in Ireland. As a rich guy’s son, he always thought he was untouchable no matter what he did. He heard that some doctors were due to start prescribing medical marijuana in Ireland and wanted to obtain his drug without the legalities getting in the way. He told Wendy he’d been to the doctor’s and discussed it.

Graham knew she’d rather he was just smoking, rather than taking things that would inevitably kill him so the little white lie was nothing. Wendy was beginning to get annoyed with him being wasted all the time. She never watched the news, so how would she know it wasn’t legalised for medical use in Ireland. He had underestimated Wendy and he would soon find this out.

Polygraph test in Athlone

Wendy knew Graham like the back of her hand. She knew stoned, she knew drunk but what she knew better than anything was the little white lies he told to keep her happy. She was sick of it. A few spliffs here and there was no harm but he was wasted all day, every day. She’d put up with it when she thought it was for medical reasons but his was getting ridiculous. Tired of the waster she now called her husband she contacted us to enquire about a polygraph test in Athlone. She wanted to know if the marijuana was for health reasons and whether Graham really needed it.

When Wendy asked Graham to take the test he initially told her not to be stupid.  However, she was his rock and without her he knew he would be lost.  When she told him she would leave if he didn’t, he very reluctantly agreed.

Life changing results

Graham took the test and Wendy received the results the following day. He didn’t need the cannabis, his back wasn’t bad and he hadn’t even been to see the doctor. Wendy knew at 43, she needed a more responsible person in her life. She left Graham, who to this day still smokes weed and is stoned all day.

Wendy has turned her life around, having walked away from a life she knew would always involve drugs and partying for her husband.  The polygraph test in Athlone helped Wendy to get her life back on track, could we help you?

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