When our client, Grace, contacted us about a polygraph test in Belfast she had some preconceived ideas about what her daughter was up to. The polygraph provided some unexpected results.

Lucie always had money. at 23 the amount of money she had seemed far too excessive for her part-time job in a local department clothing store. She had a top of the range mobile and all her clothes were designer. Grace, her mother couldn’t put her finger on it but she knew something wasn’t right. Lucie was quite a spoilt child and if she wanted something, inevitably she’d get it one way or another. The other way was the one that troubled Grace.

The Diary

Lucie didn’t seem to have many friends but was always out. She’d be dressed up as if going to a club, every day of the week. She’d stay out till the early hours and recently had started staying out all night. One day when Lucie hadn’t come home the previous evening, there was a call from her boss asking if she was feeling better. Grace was confused; she hadn’t been to work in two weeks. She’d always respected Lucie’s privacy but she had to know what was going on. Lucie hadn’t been ill in months and despite the thoughts in her head telling her not to, she checked her room.

On entering, Grace was shocked to see the expensive jewellery and clothes around the room. Credit cards and hotel receipts were all over her dressing table, so was her diary. Grace knew this was the ultimate betrayal and violation of her daughter’s privacy but she had to know what was going on and how her daughter was funding all this extravagance. Short of making her daughter take a polygraph test in Belfast she didn’t know what else to do.

The dark side

The more she read the worse she felt. Her daughter had been working as an escort, by the looks of it for a number of years. She’d been spending nights in hotels with older businessmen and having sex for money. It was all there – dates, times and even how much they’d paid and for what. Grace felt sick, her daughter was a prostitute.

It all started to make sense and so she confronted Lucie when she returned at 4 am the following morning. Lucie claimed the diary was fictitious and just a bit of fun but Grace couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong. She asked her daughter to take a lie detector test and arranged this quickly. Lucie wasn’t fazed by it at all. Grace found the process of booking online simple and easy and the polygraph examiner put her mind at ease. There was nothing wrong in wanting someone to take a test in circumstances like these.  No matter what the result she would finally have the answers she needed.

Polygraph test in Belfast

The appointment day arrived very quickly and Grace was grateful the polygraph examiner’s office was in her hometown. They didn’t need to travel far and the office was discreet, comfortable and easy to find. The examiner was professional but also supportive and approachable. The test was over within 2 hours and although Grace knew the answer, she hoped with all her heart that she was wrong. Grace was certain her daughter was being forced to do this, or worse had a drug addiction to fund.

Not what she ever expected

The results came quickly and Grace was stunned.  Her daughter did indeed have an addiction but not to drugs or alcohol.  Lucie was addicted to sex!  Lucie thought if she was doing something she needed and enjoyed, why not get paid for it? She insisted she’d always practiced safe sex but hadn’t realised the danger she was putting herself in.

Lucie’s doctor put her in touch with the SAA, a support group specifically for this type of issue. Lucie is gradually getting better and has stopped providing personal services. If it hadn’t have been for the polygraph test in Belfast she may never have found the help she needed and Grace wouldn’t have been able to help her daughter. Lucie’s willingness to take the lie detector test without objection was a cry for help.

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