Football hooligans spoil everyone’s day out at the match. There are rivalries all over the country and families often get caught in the crossfire. The last thing on Seamus and Gordon’s minds was that they’d need to contact us for a polygraph test in Dublin when their family day out ended in disaster.

The Boys in Blue

Seamus was an avid Dublin football fan. He went to all their matches and took the whole family along. His son Gregory had just turned 5 and he was looking forward to taking him to his first match. There was often trouble at the Derby games but Seamus had booked family seats and he thought this would make things safer for the family. Seamus really wanted his son to see one of the most exciting games for his first visit and against his wife Jenna’s wishes he booked the local Derby tickets as soon as they came on sale.

Sour grapes

They’d lost the Derby the last time they’d played and there was a lot of bad feeling about it. There were a few local lads who were boasting in the pub they were going to cause trouble at the game and this made Seamus nervous. His best friend, Gordon, had a son who hung around with the people saying they were going to wait at the train station for the opposing fans to cause a fight. Gordon said he’d talked him out of it and he would make sure no trouble came near Seamus and his family. Seamus was grateful for the small protection this offered and looked forward to hopefully seeing his team win.

Match Day

The game was due to start at 3.45pm and as Seamus made his way to the ground he saw a lot of people shouting and hurling abuse at each other. The police were there but Seamus could see tempers boiling over. He decided to take his son home and, although disappointed, felt his son’s safety was more important. As he walked away an empty beer bottle hit him on the side of the head. He was carrying Gregory at the time and he dropped him. Although Gregory was unharmed he was shaken by the fall and Seamus was furious. He contacted Gordon to see if he knew anything about it. There had been a number of incidents at this game and the police couldn’t find the culprits. Someone had been left unconscious after one fight and Seamus wanted to know who was responsible.

Gordon asked his son, Robert, if he was involved or if he had anything to do with the attacks. He’d denied all knowledge. The person who was injured in the fight was in a critical condition.

Polygraph test in Dublin

Seamus and Gordon contacted us to request a polygraph test in Dublin. They needed to find out if Robert was involved or if he knew anyone who was. Robert protested but went to the test as his father had instructed.

Robert failed the lie detector test, not because he’d been responsible for the beating of the fan but because he knew who had. Gordon asked him to speak up but Robert refused. Gordon took the results to the Garda station to aid in their inquiries. The culprit was identified shortly afterwards. The whole group of hooligans has been banned from attending Dublin’s games and Seamus can take his son to watch the team without worrying about his safety.

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