When an awkward customer accused a publican and his staff of short changing him several times over, the publican took action in the most public way.  He paid for a private lie detector test in Belfast which yielded embarrassing results.

A few too Many

Rosina was sure Paddy had given her £10 and not £20 but he was insistent so the money was refunded to him. Paddy drank in the pub all the time and he was a good customer, apart from when he’d had one too many. Paddy would come to the bar and shout and accuse the staff of overcharging but in more recent weeks it had got much worse. The owner Cain had said not to refund him anymore.   He’d have to wait until the end of the night when the cashing up was done and if there was too much money then he could have it back. Problem was that Cain wasn’t always there and it was easier to give him the cash than to accept the barrage of abuse that followed.

Centre of Attention

Paddy would start on the punters first telling them how much money he spent in the bar on a daily basis and that they were ripping him off. Slowly fewer customers came into the bar and Rosina was sure it was because of Paddy. One day he’d done his usual trick of saying he’d given a twenty to the new barmaid. She’d refunded him without question. It was only when Rosina asked that she admitted to refunding the cash. Rosina spoke to Cain about barring Paddy but he was a well-known soul and it might cause bad feeling in the community.

Instead Cain suggested paying for a private lie detector test in Belfast. He was confident Paddy would go if it was announced the next time he said he’d given more money across the bar than he had. Paddy always played to the audience so wouldn’t be able to refuse. The till was always down by the exact amount Paddy had claimed he was due in change. Cain called us and booked a private test in Belfast for the following week.

Short Changed Again

Sure enough, the very next night Paddy claimed to have given a ten instead of a five and Cain announced to the pub that he should take a lie detector test. Paddy said he would as he was sick and tired of the bad service and short changing that was going on. Paddy announced he’d expose the pub for the rip off that it was. Not only that, after he’d proved his innocence he’d never drink in the pub again. “Double win for us”, Cain thought.

Private lie detector test in Belfast

The polygraph test in Belfast went ahead and a few short hours later Paddy was revealed as a cheat and a liar. Paddy had confidently allowed the results to be read out in front of the entire pub and therefore everyone knew he couldn’t be trusted. Paddy doesn’t drink in the pub anymore which is good for business and the till and the pub is always full.

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