Being questioned by loved ones or work peers when suspicion is raised and placed on you in any circumstance can be difficult to handle. When our clients contact us to discuss such matters in most cases they come to us as a last resort. What we find in these cases is a simple correlation that most people are being accused with any substantiated evidence. A lie detector goes some way toward vindication.

Lie detector test for employee accused of stealing

A recent example is of a client who was accused of stealing property which belonged to another employee at work. The client said that there was never any criminal or disciplinary procedure which took place at work. However, the accusation had spread through the workplace. This had made her experience at work very difficult as there was constant gossip resulting in damage to her reputation.

On arriving for the test, our client had brought a list with her of questions relating to the accusations. We were able to formulate this into a written statement which she could use to counter the claims being made by colleagues. On completion of the pre-test interview, we conducted the polygraph element of the test. She read the statement and we were able to verify her comments as being truthful. We then provided her with a fully verified report which she was able to present back at her workplace and quash the rumours.

In this example, it is clear that the client was able to resolve the issue. But she had suffered prolonged depression as a result of not knowing how to handle the pressure. She believed that her name and reputation had been tarnished and although now repairable that the damage had already been done. What we would suggest is to always seek advice earlier rather than later as gossip and lies travel fast. Whereas getting to the truth in a matter can somewhat prolong the pain if not addressed as early as possible.

Getting advice about a false accusations

We are always able to provide hassle free and no obligation advice. Our support team, through extensive experience in handling many false accusation claims can always provide a supportive and empathetic outlook to the issue at hand. We hope you feel safer in the knowledge that there are ways such as Lie Detector Testing to prove your innocence and move on in your life. You might feel desperate but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Never be afraid to ask for help.

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