The polygraph became better known to the public as a result of reality TV shows such as Love Island and the Jeremy Kyle Show. However, it has been in use since 1921 and is used for a variety of purposes. The reasons for taking a lie detector test are diverse and many.  Here are our top 5.

Accused of theft

If you are accused of theft either in the workplace or by someone you know, taking a lie detector test can defuse the situation quickly. In some jobs periodic polygraph examinations may form part of the employment contract such as security, government, banking and insurance. However, if you volunteer to take a test as soon as you are falsely accused, it will invariably eliminate you from any further investigation.

Theft within the family is particularly upsetting. When a family member is accused of stealing it causes fall outs that can last for years.  Of all reasons for taking a lie detector test, theft from family is high on the list. The person who is falsely accused feels hurt and resentful, the victim even more so. Polygraph results restore trust.


No one likes to be cheated on. Worse, is the belief your partner is cheating and not being able to prove it. And even worse, is being accused of infidelity when you are not being unfaithful.  Suspicion erodes trust and the ensuing arguments destroy relationships.  Lie detector test results will resolve the matter one way or the other.

Pre-employment screening

Embellishing or even downright lying on a CV is common practice according the various surveys that have been taken over many years.  Few people are aware that it can lead to criminal prosecution with a jail term of up to 10 years.  Smart companies are using lie detector tests in the pre-employment screening process.  This not only identifies lies that may have been included on a CV but also provides insight into the character of a candidate. If you want a coveted position this is one of the best reasons for taking a lie detector test.  It proves your honesty and integrity.

Social media scandals

Social media is a great way for keeping in touch with family and friends.  However, unscrupulous individual often use it for spreading scandal, gossip and lies.  A post on social media can travel around the world at the speed of light.  It’s a force for good in so many ways but also a medium to spread fake news that can damage reputations beyond repair.  If someone uses it against you there are good reasons for taking a lie detector test.  You can publish the results online and make them look foolish. Also if your colleagues or boss have seen detrimental posts about you, the results will restore your reputation.

Conditions of Probation

If you have to meet certain conditions when released from prison, you will go back to jail if you break them.  In the case of sex offenders you may be obliged to take periodic lie detector tests.  Refusal to do so will lead to further investigation of your activities.  So there are excellent reasons for taking a lie detector test if you haven’t broken those conditions. Results will prove whether you have or not and if you haven’t you will retain your freedom.

Do you have reasons for taking a lie detector test?

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