Jade and Harry had been sniping at each other for almost a year now. Jade was convinced that Harry didn’t love her anymore. Harry offered to take a relationship lie detector test to finally put things to rest. He still wanted to be married to Jade.

Jade and Harry were on their honeymoon when they had their first big argument, and they hadn’t stopped since. When Harry was home it seemed that all they did was throw surly comments at each other.

Harry felt trapped and Jade wanted a divorce

He longed for the carefree relationship they’d had had before the engagement. It was after the marriage that things started to change and they had gone downhill ever since.

Jade just wanted out. The feelings that she had left for Harry were dwindling away. She was getting ready to talk about divorce. Harry was never home. She was lonely and miserable. Divorce felt like the best option. It was over.

Harry had had to block her path to get her to listen. She had no interest in what he had to say anymore. Once he got talking about the relationship lie detector test, she could see some of the old Harry coming back.

Harry had never wanted to get married. He had told Jade from the early days of their relationship that he never wanted to get married. He’d done it to keep her and now, almost one year in, he was about to lose her.

He knew that it was mostly his fault. He resented Jade for pressuring him into marriage. But he hated himself for being so set in his ways that he could only see marriage as an end to the freedom of his previous life.

Relationship Lie Detector Test and Couples Counselling

He made up his mind to find some couples counselling for them both when he came across Lie Detector Test Ireland.  After reading about the relationship lie detector test, he decided to book the test and couples counselling for them both.

The relationship lie detector test would be carried out by a specialist examiner for tests of this type. With the opportunity to create the questions for the polygraph examination himself, Harry could see that he could use the test to communicate his struggles to Jade in a way that he could not express on his own.

With the process including time to review the questions with the examiner before the test, Harry could ensure that the test was right for what he needed.

If he could use the relationship lie detector test to prove to Jade that he still loved her, and needed help to adjust to being a husband, maybe he could hold on to her. If they followed it up with couples counselling then maybe they had a chance.

He didn’t tell Jade about the counselling but he did convince her to take a test too.

Relationship back on track

A year later, with regular couples counselling, Jade and Harry have been able to move forward. Harry has made big steps in the transition from boyfriend to husband, and Jade has had to learn to compromise and give Harry space.

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