Sexuality can be an awkward issue for youngsters to discuss with their parents. A mother sent our Waterford Polygraph Examiner the following question for guidance how to handle this sensitive topic.

Q. Can your Waterford Polygraph Examiner help my daughter come out of the closet?

My daughter Helen has just started university and I’m concerned about her sexuality. When I say concerned, I don’t mean in a horrible way but in the sense that I’m unsure if she knows herself. Maybe she does and doesn’t want to share it with me in case I react badly. Her father and I have discussed it and we’re both happy with whatever her preference, we just wish she’d be honest about it.

We don’t come from a religious background but some of her friend’s parents do. I’m thinking this may be the reason she won’t speak up. Helen has never brought a boyfriend home to meet us and when we approach the subject she just shrugs it off saying her education is more important. I’ve seen the way she looks at girls in the street and I don’t want to stereotype but she’s always been somewhat of a tomboy.

I may just be thinking the wrong way but I really want her to be happy and confident in herself, her choices and to know we both support her fully. This feeling is causing tension between us and I’d be so upset that she doesn’t feel she can be as open with us as she needs to be. Do you think your Waterford polygraph examiner could help or am I clutching at straws?

K.M., Waterford

Response from Waterford Polygraph Examiner

Unless your daughter is being intimidated in some way about her sexuality we wouldn’t recommend a lie detector test.

Naturally as a parent you want her to lead her life to the fullest and hope she is happy with her sexuality.  However, no matter how caring as parents you are your daughter may wish to tell you in her own time.  It’s possible that she is confused about her sexuality and your assumption that she is gay is confusing her more.  Providing she knows that you love her no matter what, she will tell you in her own time, if she wants you to know.

Perhaps when Gay Pride is on TV or other LGBT+ events, you could voice your approval which may influence her to talk.  But for now, it’s best to leave the topic alone rather than force a conversation.  If there is tension between you it may be that you are making her feel in some way obliged to talk to you about it.

However, if you feel she is being bullied, harassed or intimidated by anyone because of her sexuality we can help.  As a Waterford polygraph examiner, I have helped a number of clients admit to being bullied in a wide variety of scenarios.  Sometimes victims are more inclined to speak openly to a complete stranger than those closest to them.  Polygraph examiners, by necessity, must be unbiased and non-judgemental.

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