When parents separate or divorce quite often children are not told the truth. Our young client booked Dublin polygraph tests for both his parents to find out which one was being dishonest.

Single Parent family

Connor had lived with his mother and brother for all 18 years of his life.  His father wasn’t part of the family. His mother, Lianne, told him that their dad left the family home when he was only 3 years old and didn’t want anything to do with them ever again. They moved from place to place and school to school. Connor couldn’t understand why but one day he got a message on Facebook out of the blue from his dad, asking to see him.

Brought together at last

Connor didn’t tell his mother about the message and arranged to see his father the very next day. It was a tearful reunion and his father, David, told him that he’s been trying to find them for years. He’d tried to send presents and cards to both of them every birthday and Christmas but they’d always been returned to sender. When Connor returned home he questioned his mother about it. Lianne said he was lying and not to believe anything he said. She explained to a very confused and upset Connor that they’d had to keep moving as their dad had been violent and dangerous.

Truth or retaliation

Did his father really try to see them or was his mother lying? Connor decided to Google ‘how to find out if parents are lying to their children’ and found Lie Detector Test IE. He contacted us and with his savings booked Dublin polygraph tests for both his parents. He had to know the truth, not only for himself but also for his little brother.

After a few hours Connor had their results. Lianne had lied to them. She was angry that their father didn’t want to be with her anymore and wanted to start a new life.  In order to retaliate, to her embarrassment and pain, she’d lied to her sons and moved around so he couldn’t find them.

David hadn’t loved Lianne anymore but that didn’t mean he didn’t love his sons. The Dublin polygraph tests had given David the incentive to take Lianne to court for visitation rights for his youngest son. Connor was 18 and old enough to decide for himself. Connor is relieved that he now knows the truth. Unfortunately, he cannot forgive his mother for all the years that he lost without his father.

Dublin polygraph tests

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