Ellie had been so distressed after the showdown that she had refused to return to university. It was after six weeks of missed lectures that Ellie’s best friend, Libby first approached Ellie’s parents about booking the false accusation lie detector test online. Libby was really nervous about suggesting the test, but she couldn’t sit back and watch her friend throw her dreams away.

It took one false accusation to turn everything upside down. Five months ago, Ellie left for university with everything to live for. Now it felt like the lie detector test might be the only thing that could get her back on track.

Her parents had been so proud when they left Ellie in her new digs. It was every parent’s worst nightmare when she came home one day, took to her bed and swore that she was never going back to university. Libby got it out of her.

Ellie had experienced something horrendous. A false accusation about her and one of her flatmate’s boyfriends turned into a malicious campaign to smear her name. Away from home for the first time, and only just starting to make friends, the whole incident had seriously affected Ellie. Those closest to her were worried about her mental health.

No one knew everything that happened during the time Ellie was trying to handle things herself at university. But the worst thing was that Ellie started self-harming.

Creating questions for the test

The opportunity for Ellie to create her own questions for the lie detector test online really made Libby think. Ellie created her questions for the test at home. Libby made sure they would show the emotional impact the false accusation had on Ellie as well as how the it would now affect her future.

Knowing the polygraph examiner would be a trained specialist in carrying out false accusation lie detector tests put Ellie’s parents’ minds at ease. Already sick with worry about their daughter’s mental health, they needed to know that the test would be handled by an expert. Someone who really knew what they were doing, particularly considering the fragile victim that Ellie was now.

When the results arrived, Libby wanted to take them straight up to Ellie’s uni-flatshare but Ellie’s parents stopped her. They wanted to handle this. They were taking this straight to the top.

Ellie’s dad managed to get them a face to face appointment with the dean for that Friday. Ellie’s parents both took the day off work and drove up to her university. Libby came over to stay with Ellie.

Ellie never found out exactly what the dean did. She knew from her parents that the dean had dealt with the matter personally. Someone told her later that all those involved were threatened with immediate expulsion.

Enjoying uni again

The dean instructed her parents to make sure that Ellie was back at uni the following week, the sooner, the better she said. The dean would ensure Ellie had new digs with people she could personally recommend. When her mum mentioned switching courses for a fresh start, the dean was in full agreement.

Ellie’s parents and Libby went to uni with Ellie the next weekend. They all spent the weekend in a swanky hotel not too far away from the university.

Ellie’s parents always said it was thanks to Libby’s idea to make sure that Ellie’s questions in the polygraph test covered Ellie’s emotional wellbeing and future opportunities. The questions made the difference. The blood drained from the dean’s face they said, when she saw Ellie’s answers.

They were all just so delighted that one simple step of booking a false accusation lie detector test online  was able to halt a malicious campaign in its tracks.

Book a lie detector test online

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