There had been suspicion and doubts for many years, but as the husband of the head teacher, Alan had never been brought to justice. It had gone on for over ten years. So when Alan was asked to take a historical sexual abuse lie detector test, everyone was shocked by what happened next.

New head teacher left to deal with historical sexual abuse allegations

Sheila was left open mouthed after the meeting. Not knowing what to do next, she spent a long time researching historical sexual abuse on the internet. It was during her research that she came across the use of a historical sexual abuse lie detector test.

She had only been in post for three months. With the previous head teacher’s drawn out illness and subsequent death, she wanted to tread carefully. However, it seemed that the school community was desperate for change.

As the head teacher’s husband, Alan in the role of school premises officer should still have been subject to the same background checks as every other member of staff in the school. To Sheila’s dismay she discovered that he’d never had one.

It seemed that Alan and his wife had been a formidable pair. Running the school to suit their own needs, the school was in a bad way. When a small group of parents came to see her about Alan she wasn’t surprised.

Until they started talking

It started with one girl, ten years ago, who promptly left the school. Apparently there were three others, all no longer at the school. None of the complaining parents’ children had been affected. But they were understandably furious and concerned that Alan was still in his post. It was one of the parents who first mentioned the historical sexual abuse lie detector test. She said she had read about it online.

Sheila didn’t say anything at the time, but when she came across it again whilst researching historical sexual abuse, she noted it as a possible step in what was going to be a long, difficult process.

With only the word of some ex-pupils against Alan’s, Sheila was at a loss as to what she should do. She made a call to Lie Detector Test UK the next day.

It was almost impossible, but Sheila didn’t accuse Alan of anything. She asked him to take the lie detector test on the basis of inaccuracies in his records, and concerns that she had about complaints that had been made.

Alan was a pompous and arrogant man, who seemed to think that she wouldn’t be around for long, so he agreed, laughing.

Questions, answers and results

Sheila took her time writing the questions for Alan’s lie detector test. Using her notes from the meeting she created questions that would get her the answers she so desperately needed. It was her duty to ensure that the children in the school were safeguarded from harm.

Sheila never got to confront Alan about the results from the historical sexual abuse lie detector test when she got them.

There was no answer from the premises’ officer’s house when she went round with the results two days later. She had used the data from the results of the test to make detailed notes. She was 100% ready for Alan, but there was no-one there when she knocked on the door. Alan was gone.

The results showed that he was lying around a number of questions relating to the four girls that had left. Clearly the questions that Sheila included in Alan’s test were enough for him to know that she knew about his history of sexual abuse. And he had simply vanished. It was easier to disappear than deal with the consequences

Historical sexual abuse lie detector test

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