Politicians are the subject of increasing scrutiny by the public nowadays and are some of the least trusted people in society.  We are offering Leo Varadkar the opportunity to take a lie detector test in Waterford and here is why.

Dead bodies

Earlier this year Leo Varadkar apologised for remarks he made regarding mortuary facilities at a Waterford hospital.  Despite a letter from 4 consultant pathologists, which ultimately found its way into the public domain, expressing concern about dead bodies being left unrefrigerated in corridors Mr Varadkar denied all knowledge.

In later interviews he variously said that there were differing accounts of the problems, there was no evidence and he didn’t know the truth of the situation.  So in essence he actually did know that concerns had been raised.

We’d like him to take a Waterford lie detector test, or one elsewhere in Ireland, regarding the truth of this situation.

Diesel cars

In a scathing attack on Fianna Fáil Green Party, Leo Varadkar in a press conference blamed the party for its ‘mistake’ in encouraging the purchase of diesel cars.  Most politicians in Ireland, including Mr Varadkar’s Taoiseach’s ministers drive diesel cars.  They too were encouraged by Fianna Fail’s policy according to Mr Varadkar.

It’s clear that European governments had been promoting the use of ‘cleaner’ diesel cars since the 1990’s right up until around 2014 when it was discovered that the cars caused heavy air pollution.  So in reality Fianna Fail did as it was instructed by the EU and it’s clearly not the party’s fault that the EU made an error.

So was Mr. Varadkar just trying to score political points or did he know he was telling a lie about Fianna Fail’s alleged blame?

Irish backstop

Since the UK’s referendum on EU membership in 2016 Leo Varadkar has been quite vocal about the Irish backstop.  Sometimes it is essential and no deal will be passed without it and at other’s it’s not such a necessity or something that can’t be resolved.

We think a lie detector test might just verify the truth of this matter.  Again, is the whole issue politically motivated to cause problems, or does it really have a simple solution.

Invitation to Leo Varadkar to take a lie detector test

We invite this Irish politician to take a lie detector test either in Waterford or a place of his choice in Ireland.

If you have questions you would like him to answer, contact us since we are open to suggestions.

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