Will was prepared to do anything not to lose them again. The Limerick addiction lie detector test was more than a polygraph test, it was a miracle. Something he had found to keep him and his family moving in the right direction.

Will’s case

Will knew he would never go back. The polygraph test was his way of making sure that the change was clear to everyone.

It had almost broken him. Without Emma and his kids, he had been at rock bottom – empty, lost.

They had been together for seven years when it happened. Will had been in denial. He hadn’t wanted to listen. Hadn’t realised how bad things had got. It was not until he was left with nothing that he’d been able to see the truth for himself.

He’d been sober for two years and three months now and he knew he would never go back. Back to a place where a substance could take priority over Emma and the girls was out of the question. He would never treat Emma like that again.

When he heard about the Limerick addiction lie detector test, he knew it would help him as the years went by. Something beyond his own assurances to Emma because he knew that he had abused her trust.

Limerick addiction lie detector test

Emma was amazed that he had booked the test. The old Will would never have done something like that.

When Will explained how Emma would be able to get involved in the creation of some of the questions and that she could ask whatever she liked, she was even more surprised. He even encouraged her to ask the things that had concerned her the most in the past, or were on her mind now. Will was so pleased. He had changed and he was glad that Emma could see it.

Will was actually looking forward to the polygraph test, so he was delighted to be able to schedule the appointment for two days later.

Taking the test was a huge relief for Will. It was a solid way to prove how much he’d changed and that his sobriety was the real deal. Knowing that he could take another if either he or Emma felt that they needed it again, was such a comfort to Will. The test was a really positive experience for Will. Knowing that he was being tested by an experienced, specialist examiner really gave him confidence.

Will thought it best to let Emma look at the results alone. This was for her and the kids. Emma was completely overwhelmed by Will’s actions. It was clear his family was more important to him than she had believed. The Limerick addiction lie detector test was completely out of his old comfort zone, so she could already see that he was serious about changing for her and the children.

Will’s test results were the icing on the cake

Today Will and Emma are still together. Although it is still a daily battle, Will has remained sober and he and Emma know that the addiction polygraph test is available if they ever need it again.

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