The pre-test interview is as important as the polygraph test phase. It gives clients the opportunity to tell the polygraph examiner everything they feel pertinent to the test.  Caroline’s story was very sad and telling it to an unbiased, non-judgemental examiner helped her a lot. She worked out the questions that needed to be asked with the examiner and ultimately took the Sligo lie detector test.

Caroline’s journey to the Sligo lie detector test

Caroline was getting sick of it. She did everything she was supposed to do. She cooked, she cleaned and she even looked after the kids that weren’t hers. For Robert, it was never good enough. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get it right. The constant accusations, putting down and being told the most hurtful things – she was sleeping around or was the town bike. She wasn’t even allowed to have male friends over without being accused of sleeping with all of them. Had she thought about it at the time the Sligo lie detector test would have been her first option.

True Friends

Caroline generally got on with men better than women. She had a few female friends, three to be exact but her best friend was a man and pretty much every other close friend she had was male. Robert was clearly threatened by this. He had no need to be she loved him and only him. She’d introduce all her friends to him, hoping they would get on. He didn’t seem to have any close friends of his own. She would never think about cheating or even going out with a male friend without first getting his approval. In Caroline’s head this was completely unnecessary but to keep the peace, she did as she was told.

Caroline’s relationship had been on the rocks for some time but she’d stuck at it. She thought that as soon as it was just the two of them then it’d all be fine. There would be no stress from the ex, no kids and no ten-hour shifts at work. They were going to move abroad and then things would be fine. They’d always dreamed of moving away and finally, it was happening. She’d dealt with his children from another relationship, one of whom was going through the ‘terrible twos’.  When she said “terrible”, it was like the spawn of Satan came to visit once a fortnight. She dreaded it and was in tears one Thursday at work, prior to the weekend they were due to come.

Girls Night in

The little pleasure she had was going out with friends and one night she’d been invited to a curry night at her mate Amy’s house. Caroline at this stage of her relationship was drinking quite a bit and after a few glasses of red wine, fell asleep on the sofa. On reflection maybe the Sligo lie detector test to confirm she’d actually fallen asleep on Amy’s sofa, like she said she did, may have changed the following chain of events.

Robert had the kids so it was a good excuse to get out of the house. After falling asleep, which was pretty standard practice after a few glasses of wine for her, Robert had tried to call but her phone was on silent and in her bag. By the time Amy realised it was ringing, it was too late. Amy woke Caroline up and after the onslaught of abuse and being accused of lying, Caroline was told not to bother coming home. The kids didn’t want her there and Robert certainly didn’t. If she came home then the door would be locked and she wouldn’t be able to get in. Comical when she thought about it really, they were in her flat.

Caroline, fuelled by the ‘Dutch courage’ that always comes with too much alcohol consumption, made a judgement error.  To find out what it was read our next blog: Case Study Part 2 – Lie Detector Test in Sligo reveals the Real Liar

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