Q. Can a lie detector help with a matter related to theft from an elderly relative?

Someone is stealing from my aunt and I think it may be her resident private carer.  At first I thought maybe some of her expensive ornaments had been moved. My aunt can be clumsy and has dementia so you never know what she might do.

However, after a few months of having a resident private carer working for her it’s clear that these things have not been moved, they’ve disappeared.

The other day I asked the carer whether she knew where these things were.  She said she had no idea what I was talking about.  When I explained that some valuable ornaments had disappeared she denied they had been there in the first place.  In any event she said that if they had been moved it must have been my aunt who had moved them.

Frankly I don’t believe her.  Her very defensive attitude makes me suspicious.  She didn’t even offer to help look for them.

Can I make her take a lie detector test?

R. D., Limerick

Response from our Limerick Polygraph Examiner

When you suspect theft from an elderly relative by live in staff it’s a sensitive issue to deal with. You can’t force the carer to take a lie detector test. She would have to voluntarily submit to one. And you can’t dismiss her based on a suspicion or you will fall foul of employment legislation.

In addition before you accuse the carer of theft you should have a replacement ready if your aunt is reliant on care.  The chances are she will walk out.

Is there any possibility that anyone else could have stolen the items? Visiting family members or friends are often found to be the culprits in cases such as these.

Lie detector test for theft from an elderly relative

We do have a specialist test for these types of issues. Naturally if you can convince the carer to take this test I will be happy to conduct it.

The polygraph examination will define whether or not she is the thief in which case you will then have to consider calling the police.  If she has stolen from your aunt it’s conceivable she has stolen from other vulnerable people.  This is something else we can find out during the test.

If you would like some advice as to how to convince the carer that it’s in her best interests to take the test please call our free helpline 85 176 3360.  Our confidential customer service staff will be happy to help.

Please mention that you have submitted an enquiry about theft from an elderly relative which has been responded to by the Limerick Polygraph Examiner.

I hope you manage to sort this out.  Most carers are excellent, committed people and it is the odd few who let the whole side down.

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