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Lie Detector – Polygraph

In modern world, people often go through trust issues. Though there are many ways to find truth (stalking, investigation and deep inspection) we may only get few evidences about it. However, even from these tactics, we get the truth on which we cannot completely rely...

What is a lie detector test?

A lie detection test is a test conducted to determine the honesty and loyalty of a person. The result it provides depends on various factors such as variations in heart beat, pulse rate, breathing patterns, blood pressure etc. It is useful in many cases such as to...

Lie detector and pre-employment checks

Will a lie detector test be effective during pre-employment checks? Every day, we hear news about cyber-crimes and data leaks, which have created a fuss in the corporate sector. Most of the times, this leak is not due to some one’s mistake but is done intentionally...

Are Lie Detectors Really Effective?

In ancient India and China, a method called “spitting” refers to a test that is conducted to determine if a person is lying or not. The method involves filling the mouth of a suspected liar with rice. If the uncooked rice or grains are stuck inside the mouth or remain...

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